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Monday, 9 July 2012

Sub Inspector Online Quiz Question Papers Test For Exam Preparation

Sub Inspector Online Quiz Question Papers :- Sub inspector is a post name in the India, Pakistan and Sri Lankan police. A sub inspector generally command of a police station. Staff selection commission (SSC) time to time conducts all India base examination for sub inspector post recruitment. Candidates are required to have minimum graduate degree from any reputed university for appeared in the SI post exam.

Complete recruitment procedure consist of written test, physical efficiency test, interview and personality test. Candidates those who qualified in written test called for physical fitness test and final selection depends on interview and personality test. The recruitment selection divided into two parts PART I and PART II

Written Test
  • Reasoning – 50 marks
  • General knowledge awareness – 50 marks
  •  Quantitative aptitude – 50 marks
  • English Comprehension – 50 marks

There are total 200 objective type questions and each question consist 1 mark for right answer and 0.25 penalty for one wrong answer.   

Part II
  • Physical standard test
  • Detailed medical examination
  • Interview/personality test

Candidates can to do the practice for sub inspector post recruitment exam through given below sub inspector solved online test paper.

1. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word GUARDIAN each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet? 

  • One  
  • Two  
  • Nine  
  • Five  

  • 2. How many meaningful English words can be made with the letters TEBI using each letter only once in each word? 

  • Three  
  • One  
  • Five  
  • Eight  

  • 3. The people of the Indus valley worshipped - 

  • Brahma  
  • Vishnu  
  • Pashupathi  
  • Vaya  

  • 4. Which of the following is the worst flood effected area in India ? 

  • Assam  
  • Uttar Pradesh  
  • Gujarat  
  • Manipur  

  • 5. ‘BD’ is related to ‘EG’ and ‘MO’ is related to ‘PR’ in the same way as ‘FH’ is related to ………. Project”? 

  • JM  
  • IL  
  • JL  
  • None of these  

  • 6. 10 x 40% of? = 78 

  • 650  
  • 620  
  • 731  
  • 610  

  • 7. 6561+ (l0.8x2.5) + 3=? 

  • 67  
  • 36  
  • 78  
  • 81  

  • 8. The sum of twice a number and three times of 42 is 238. What is the sum of thrice the number and two times of 42? 

  • 130  
  • 198  
  • 255  
  • None of these  

  • Q. 9 to 10 Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentences to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct.

    9. Banks must be ensured that 18 per cent of their loans is given to the agricultural sector.

  • Are ensured  
  • Have to ensure  
  • Being ensured  
  • No correction required  

  • 10. The government has announced several initiatives benefiting to factory workers. 

  • Beneficial  
  • For benefiting to  
  • Which will benefit  
  • No correction required  


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