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Saturday, 2 July 2011

International Staff Vacancies

ADB recruits its international staff from among its member countries. ADB offers a competitive salary and benefits applicable to internationally recruited staff. Women are encouraged to apply.
Applications for current vacancies are received through the ADB Recruitment Center (ARC). To learn more about ARC, you may download the ARC Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). E-mail for assistance with any problems.
Applicants may view the status of their applications online by logging in to ARC. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • Vacancies in the ADB Institute are being processed outside of ARC. Applications to these vacancies are to be submitted in accordance with the important instructions after each job description.
  • Applications should be in English language and should be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m., Manila time, on the specified closing date. View a world clock* to check times.
Read Professional Staff (ADB Headquarters) Information Guide.** [ PDF | 1,651Kb ]

Headquarters, Manila

Current Vacancies

Position Title Department Reference Number Posting Date Closing Date
Senior Counsel (Recurring Vacancy)Office of the General CounselADB-HR-11-040820 Apr 201120 Jul 2011
DirectorCentral and West Asia DepartmentADB-HR-11-05881 Jul 201115 Jul 2011
Principal Investment SpecialistPrivate Sector Operations DepartmentADB-HR-11-05871 Jul 201115 Jul 2011
Principal Operations Coordination SpecialistRegional and Sustainable Development DepartmentADB-HR-11-058630 Jun 201114 Jul 2011
Advisor, BPMSD and Head, Unit for Institutional Coordination (Extended)Budget, Personnel, and Management Systems DepartmentADB-HR-11-055116 Jun 201114 Jul 2011
Deputy Director GeneralBudget, Personnel, and Management Systems DepartmentADB-HR-11-058429 Jun 201113 Jul 2011
Senior Information Technology Specialist (Solution Architecture) (Re-advertisement)Office of Information Systems and TechnologyADB-HR-11-058327 Jun 201111 Jul 2011
Senior Information Technology Specialist (Quality Assurance) (Re-advertisement)Office of Information Systems and TechnologyADB-HR-11-058127 Jun 201111 Jul 2011
Information Technology Specialist (Validation and Quality Control) (Re-advertisement)Office of Information Systems and TechnologyADB-HR-11-058027 Jun 201111 Jul 2011
Senior Evaluation SpecialistIndependent Evaluation DepartmentADB-HR-11-057523 Jun 20117 Jul 2011
Transport SpecialistSouth Asia DepartmentADB-HR-11-056621 Jun 20115 Jul 2011
Energy Specialist (Re-advertisement)Central and West Asia DepartmentADB-HR-11-056521 Jun 20115 Jul 2011
Senior Climate Change SpecialistCentral and West Asia DepartmentADB-HR-11-056321 Jun 20115 Jul 2011
Procurement SpecialistCentral Operations Services OfficeADB-HR-11-056221 Jun 20115 Jul 2011
Communications Specialist (Development Communications) (Re-advertisement)Department of External RelationsADB-HR-11-056020 Jun 20114 Jul 2011
Deputy Director GeneralStrategy and Policy DepartmentADB-HR-11-055520 Jun 20114 Jul 2011

Young Professionals Program

Position Department Reference Number Posting Date Closing Date
Young Professional (Regional Departments and Private Sector Operations Department)Budget, Personnel, and Management Systems DepartmentADB-HR-11-027215 Mar 201130 Dec 2011

Country Offices

Current Vacancies

Position Department Reference Number Posting Date Closing Date
Resident RepresentativeArmenia Resident Mission, Central and West Asia DepartmentADB-HR-11-05901 Jul 201115 Jul 2011
Resident RepresentativeGeorgia Resident Mission, Central and West Asia DepartmentADB-HR-11-057927 Jun 201111 Jul 2011

Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Current Vacancies

Posting Date
Closing Date
Deputy Dean for Special Activities
24 Jun 2011
8 Jul 2011

Headquarters, Manila

Anticipated Vacancies - Actively seeking external candidates

Job Area Department Reference Number
Accounting various departments EXT-IS11-001
Climate Change various departments EXT-IS11-002
Economics various departments EXT-IS11-003
Education various departments EXT-IS11-004
Energy various departments EXT-IS11-005
Environment and Natural Resources various departments EXT-IS11-006
Evaluation Independent Evaluation Department EXT-IS11-007
Financial Management various departments EXT-IS11-008
Governance various departments EXT-IS11-009
Information Technology Office of Information Systems and Technology EXT-IS11-010
Investment various departments EXT-IS11-011
Legal Office of the General Counsel EXT-IS11-012
Procurement Central Operations Services Office EXT-IS11-013
Public Sector Management various departments EXT-IS11-014
Public-Private Partnership various departments EXT-IS11-015
Risk Management Office of Risk Management EXT-IS11-016
Rural Development various departments EXT-IS11-017
Safeguards various departments EXT-IS11-018
Social Development various departments EXT-IS11-019
Social Sector various departments EXT-IS11-020
Social Security various departments EXT-IS11-021
Transport various departments EXT-IS11-022
Treasury various departments EXT-IS11-023
Urban Development various departments EXT-IS11-024
Water Resources Management various departments EXT-IS11-025
Water Supply and Sanitation various departments EXT-IS11-026


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